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Typically, air filters are replaced in most vehicles every 30,000 miles or so (the actual mileage varies depending on the manufacturer), or sooner if they are found to be dirty. In certain seasons or driving conditions, they can become clogged with leaves and debris. In addition, if the vehicle is frequently taken for off-roading adventures, the air filter will absorb lots of dust and dirt and therefore need to be changed sooner.

Changing your air filter periodically means you will benefit from increased fuel efficiency according to some studies; reduced emissions, as clogged air filters can restrict airflow to the engine and affect the air/fuel mixture, leading to drivability issues; and you will benefit from prolonged engine life because the air filter traps dirt and debris that can damage internal engine parts. Air filters are also relatively inexpensive to replace and will prevent potential future long-term problems that might be more expensive. If, for instance, if a clogged air filter results in an air/fuel mixture that is too rich because of not enough air getting into the engine, it could cause the check engine light to illuminate on the dashboard, all because the air filter needs replacing.

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Our GM Certified Service Center

Our service department, employed with certified automotive technicians, are specially trained to work on makes and models of numerous vehicles. They regularly perform maintenance related to air filter replacement and are qualified to service your vehicle quickly and efficiently to get you back out on the road safely.

In addition, our dealership uses only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, sourced directly from the vehicle manufacturer. Your air filter will be replaced by the original air filter that the vehicle was first manufactured with - no special attachments are necessary. This also means that quality and performance are not compromised - replacing the air filter with the OEM filter means that it will operate exactly the same as the old filter, keeping dust and debris out of your engine’s moving parts, maintaining your fuel efficiency, and ensuring your vehicle is producing proper emissions.

High Quality OEM Parts

Compare OEM parts to aftermarket parts and you will notice a big difference in quality and performance. Aftermarket parts' condition varies greatly and there is often a massive selection of them. In addition, aftermarket parts are often not backed by a warranty, whereas OEM parts are backed by a warranty, typically about a year after installation, but this varies by brand and dealership.

Our parts department has many OEM parts on hand, including air filters, so when getting your air filter replaced at our dealership, you will not have to wait an unnecessarily long time - chances are, we already have the air filter in stock.

Service You Can Trust

If your air filter looks dirty and you are not sure how to replace it, come visit our dealership to have it replaced by our expert technicians. They look forward to serving you and your vehicle, keeping your engine healthy and your vehicle in reliable working order. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment.